Processing fruits & Vegetables is our expertise


Quality control of the highest standards has been applied to all stages of production from the raw materials which are carefully selected and controlled to the finished products by means of the latest technology and highly trained staff (chemists, mechanical engineers, food technologists).

MASTFOODS has also implemented procedures aimed at further assuring product quality, always taking international hygiene and specifications standards into consideration. Our HACCP has been developed for all stages of production thereby ensuring product safety through the application of a certified quality control system that is in conformity with ISO 22000.

In our company MASTFOODS S.A., we recognize all the potential impacts of our commercial activities throughout the supply chain, but also the social impact of our production activities. As a socially responsible company, we know that suppliers, customers and society are expecting from us:

• All employees are treated with full awareness of basic human rights
• The company operates in an ethical manner, above and beyond basic legal requirements
• Our commitment to the proper implementation of ethical trading principles

Company MASTFOODS S.A., in response to current needs and expectations, but also wishing to ensure the highest level of working environment for all staff, implements faithfully all the requirements of the Code of ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base Code, ensuring at least the following:

• Employment is freely chosen
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
• Working conditions are safe and hygienic
• Child labour is not used
• Living wages are paid
• Working hours are not excessive
• No discrimination is practised
• Regular employment is provided
• No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
• Environmental management and protection
• Business ethics

Please find attached our ETI policy & Code of Conduct, but also you can find us on Sedex Advance Platform and link your account.

MASTFOODS S.A. on Sedex:
Company Reference: ZC413626569
Site Reference: ZS413651661

PDF File - Ethical Trading Policy – MASTFOODS S.A.
PDF File - Code Of Conduct – MASTFOODS S.A.
PDF File - Corporate Social Responsibility – MASTFOODS S.A.

Processing  Fruits & Vegetables
is our expertise